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meets design.

Born from a collaboration with Ugo Cacciatori, U-Go is the finest way to carry your U-Mask collection alongside other personal belongings.

A collaboration that combines innovative and traditional techniques, recycled plastic bottles and sustainable materials. Ugo Cacciatori has designed and developed a stunning piece - a 'U' in solid brass and sterling silver, singularly micro-casted and handcrafted in Italy.

U-Go comes with an exclusive U-Mask 2.2, signed by UGO CACCIATORI.

These are limited edition, but more designs will be coming soon.

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A way
to carry
a message.

U-GO is a wish for the future  - a way to carry a message - one that aims to plant the seed of awareness and care for the environment we all call our home.


The bag evokes the shape of an envelope and is an example of ultimate sustainable design where the most advanced technology meets a socially correct and ethical way of involving traditional Italian craftsmanship.

In the hope, but mostly in the belief, that each small step that combines respect, research and innovation creates meaning and impact.

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A way 
to carry

For the collaboration, Ugo Cacciatori personalised an exclusive U-Mask, available only with U-Go. 

The designer decided to express himself through his colour - black - which is used for both the cover and the 'U' logo.


The U-Mask signed by Ugo Cacciatori is composed of the personalised cover and the U-Mask Model 2.2 refill. 

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U-Go Black Onyx

Solid brass clip with sterling silver leaves


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U-Go Smoky Quartz

Solid brass clip with sterling silver leaves




100% PL (96% post-consumer recycled polyester).

Material made from recycled plastic bottles.

GRS certified by ICEA (GRS 2019-17).
Made in Italy. 



100% cellulose.

FSC-certified washable paper mix.
Made in Italy. 




Solid Brass and Sterling Silver 925.

Handmade in Italy.



FSC-certified cardboard paper mix. 
Made in Italy.

the designer.

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