U-Mask Model 3 Technology

Protection against
The finest dust.

Average filtration of 99.96% against very fine particles (0,02 - 2  um) including viruses and smog particles

Up to 20 washes.

The filter of U-Mask Model 3 is reusable and it is active up to a maximum of 20 washes, saving the environment from tons of waste



The internal part (Refill) is made up of 4 biocompatible filtering layers, one of which is composed of a very high-quality meltblown material. A process of electrostatic charge increases the filtering capacity against external microorganisms


PFE of  >99%,
Certified as an FFP2 PPE

Certified as an FFP2 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), U-Mask Model 3 is designed to achieve a highly efficient filtration of airborne particles

Perfect Fit.

A nose clip ensures a perfect fit of the mask to the face, preventing it from sliding down. The design ensures the face is greatly enveloped

Anti-Counterfeiting Seal.

Each product is equipped with an anti-counterfeiting seal, based on an innovative artificial intelligence system, to guarantee the authenticity of U-Mask.