The outer part of U-Mask Model 2.1, the cover, is soft, elastic and washable. Made from 100% regenerated nylon, it is splash-resistant and designed to maximise comfort. 

Protection against

Thanks to a nano-filtration process, an internal 'closed cell' layer guarantees a high filtering efficiency without compromising breathability.

The internal part of U-Mask Model 2.1, the refill filter, is composed of layers of hypoallergenic and nano-filtering non-woven fabric and the exclusive Bio-Layer. Together with the cover, U-Mask has 5 layers of filtration. It is reusable and acts against pathogens up to a maximum of 200 hours of respiratory use.




The Bio-Layer is composed of an active ingredient capable of self-sanitising the mask and preventing bacterial proliferation.


BFE Both Ways

U-Mask technology aims to maximise bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) in both directions, from the inside to the outside and vice versa.


Each production batch is tested.

Anti-Counterfeiting Seal

Each product is equipped with an anti-counterfeiting seal, based on an innovative artificial intelligence system, to guarantee the authenticity of U-Mask.

Product covered by Design Patent and

Patent Pending for Industrial Invention

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