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U-Store celebrates its 1st birthday

U-Earth’s first shop, U-Store, is celebrating its 1st birthday this weekend. Offering an opportunity to buy a new U-Mask and experience a Pure Air Zone, pop in on December 4th for a free LDN cover.

U-Mask by U-Earth U-Store at 172 Fulham Road, London

U-Store is celebrating its 1st birthday

Twelve months ago, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, U-Store opened its doors at 172 Fulham Road in London. Located in the heart of Chelsea, the aim was to offer every colour of U-Mask to UK customers, while also offering guests the opportunity to enjoy a Pure Air Zone in the heart of London.

Our AIRcel 70 commercial air purifiers are on display within U-Store for interested business customers to learn more about the technology, while our dedicated staff can explain how our exclusive biotech works.

Receive a free U-Mask cover for visiting the store on 4th December

One of our U-Mask designs is only available in London’s U-Store - the LDN edition U-Mask. A gorgeous red colour, which calls to mind the famous London Routemaster bus, this special edition U-Mask has proven to be exceptionally popular over the past year, and tends to be even more popular at Christmas.

For one day only, on Saturday 4th December, we will be offering the LDN edition cover (without the Refill filter) for free to absolutely anyone who visits U-Store between the opening hours of 11am and 7pm.

Another free U-Mask cover with every U-Mask

A birthday celebration should be the best that it can be and we are looking to give even more presents away! With every purchase of a U-Mask, no matter which U-Mask colour you go for, you will receive a free black U-Mask cover with the limited edition ‘U’ logo in black.

Only previously available with a purchase of U-Go, the ‘black on black cover has never previously been sold separately. This means that by buying a U-Mask on Saturday 4th December at U-Store, you can leave with not one, not two but three different U-Mask colours. U-mazing!

Obviously it’s first come, first served - as are all of the free gifts we will be offering - so make sure you come down early to enjoy free U-Mask covers. Throw in the completely free access to the Pure Air Zone that you get for simply walking into U-Store, and that’s a hugely compelling proposition for every Londoner!

Look out for more U-Stores in future

U-Store London is the flagship store for U-Mask and the Pure Air Zone project, but we are looking forward to opening many more U-Stores around the world in future. Keep your eyes peeled and you may get to enjoy a U-Store near you soon. And don’t forget, our stores aren’t the only way for you to enjoy a Pure Air Zone - our soon to be released U-App will be able to show each and every location around the world.

Thank you all for your support during our first year in London. We can’t wait to enjoy many more wonderful years in the UK and beyond.

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