• Henry Fosdike

Storming into Dakar 2022 with Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing is once again heading to Dakar in 2022. A rally team that recorded 18 consecutive victories between 2001 and 2019, they are sure to impress across the ~8,000km route. As with last year, the team will also be benefiting from wearing U-Mask.

Sam Sunderland racing for Red Bull KTM Factory Racing at Dakar 2021. Photo courtesy of Rally Zone/KTM.

Photo courtesy of Rally Zone/KTM

Preparing for Dakar 2022

The Dakar Rally is the most famous and prestigious race in the rally calendar. Taking place in January each year, the race is a gruelling endeavour across 13 days that sees racers riding at high speed across hugely difficult terrain and understandably draws a huge crowd from across the world.

U-Mask offers protection against Covid-19 as Red Bull KTM travels the world

U-Mask is helping Red Bull KTM Factory Racing in a variety of different ways as the team travels throughout the rally calendar. Masks are required in the vast majority of countries around the world and they provide a uniform and fashionable look, specially customised for Red Bull KTM. Of course they also ensure that travelling is as safe as possible.

Sam Sunderland of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing celebrates at Dakar 2021. Photo courtesy of Rally Zone/KTM.

Photo courtesy of Rally Zone/KTM

Protection from dust particles in extreme environments

It isn’t just about travel either with athletes and staff able to be kept safe throughout their time at each destination. Because of the nature of rally, the environment changes from place to place and U-Mask is adept at responding to a different environment.

Most who wear U-Mask only ever encounter an urban environment but the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing calendar sees them travel across numerous extreme and harsh environments. Desert dust can be particularly troublesome so U-Mask ensures the safety and health of the team throughout the Dakar Rally and the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship, and ensures that respiratory issues don’t develop.

"Dakar is always an extremely rewarding race but the desert can be a harsh and unforgiving environment. We are always looking to ensure the safety of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team and U-Mask was the perfect choice in being able to offer branding, style, comfort and of course, protection."

- Sarah Greilinger. Team Coordinator Rally Motorsports, KTM

U-Mask offers an extra branding opportunity in marketing

Watch the video below to see the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team wearing U-Mask in Dakar earlier this year. High octane thrills that require top equipment in all areas and it’s no wonder that the team have taken to the fashion and the cool of U-Mask. Able to be customised to your specific needs - be it a name, a number or a logo on top of a custom colour - ensure that your team stands out!

For more information on customised U-Masks for your business, please contact support@u-mask.eu.