• Henry Fosdike

The European U-Mask Store is Live

We’ve revamped our U-Mask store to now cater to three distinct regions - Italy, UK & International, and Europe. It brings big benefits for all of our EU customers.

Official European U-Mask store offers big benefits for EU customers looking to buy a biotech mask

What is the European U-Mask store?

The European U-Mask store is exactly what it sounds like! We’ve opened up a new regional hub in Europe to cater to all of our EU customers looking for a biotech mask.

If the European store doesn’t automatically load for you, simply click the banner at the top of the U-Mask store page. You will know if you are on the correct page because the wording should change from The Official U-Mask Store to The Official European U-Mask Store (see above). It’s as easy as that!

A European U-Mask store brings enhancements for customers looking to buy a biotech mask

There are a number of reasons that it makes sense for a European U-Mask store from a customer point of view.

  • Ever since Brexit, we have strived to make deliveries as seamless as possible, paying any customs charges that resulted, but some packages still slipped through the net. Some countries were more likely to be affected, the largest of which was Spain. We are hopeful that moving our new European hub into the EU will help with these difficulties;

  • Because of moving all EU orders from the UK, logistics will be optimised and shipments should arrive more quickly;

  • There will be greater accuracy in parcel delivery (among other improvements).

A dedicated European U-Mask store brings sustainability enhancements

At U-Earth, we are always striving to enhance our sustainability credentials. U-Mask has a cover that is made from regenerated nylon, while the filter of the biotech mask can be used for as long as 50 conventional surgical masks. As these all end up in landfill, the impact on the environment is clear.

While looking to be as sustainable as possible, shipping presents a difficult challenge. There is no escaping the fact that each package shipped contributes to carbon emissions with numerous studies written on the difficult ‘last mile’. By routing EU orders through our new hub, our sustainability shall improve, though we will always be looking to improve even more. As a company that also offers commercial air purifiers, we understand how important air quality truly is.

Wall of U-Masks and the AIRcel commercial air purifier at U-Earth Milan

The Italian and UK & International U-Mask stores will still be available

It’s important to note that the Italian and UK & International U-Mask stores will continue to serve the rest of our customers. Italy has always had its own dedicated biotech mask store as we are an Italian/UK company, which has made it easy to focus on domestic shipping within the country.

Even with Brexit, the UK is still an excellent location for international shipments so any orders to the UK and any country that is not in the EU will still be dispatched from our DHL hub, which has been particularly successful over the last year.

Future U-Mask stores are possible

With the fight against Covid-19 continuing and more people choosing to wear face masks when confronted with other illnesses, we intend to keep monitoring the demand for U-Mask as well as our other Pure Air Zone products. With COP26 highlighting just how important air quality really is, it might not be long before other U-Mask stores and hubs are open to further mitigate carbon emissions and problems before they arise.

Until then, we hope that you continue to enjoy shopping with U-Mask and keep your eyes peeled for this weekend...