Face Protection Masks

Face masks are used for protection against various air contaminants, from regular dust to contagious diseases such as the coronavirus. Wearing a face mask or mouth mask can reduce the risk of contracting illnesses such as influenza, and many other airborne diseases.

If you’re looking for maximum protection, our reusable face protection masks can provide you with the safety you need when stepping outside. The proprietary BioLayer™ formula not only blocks pathogens but eliminates them inside without causing any harm to the wearer.

Biotech Face Masks For Maximum Protection

There is no scarcity of face protection masks out there but there is a lack of the proper face masks. That is why we have designed and manufactured masks that can provide effective protection from air pollutants for up to 200hours and with an performance comparable to that of an ffp3.

Our face protection masks prevent inhaling  the finest particles while preventing the risk of transmitting airborne infections. 


The U-Mask BioLayer was developed by U-Earth to create a superior filtering performance in dangerous health environments. This innovative technology has performed exceptionally well against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and many other contagious viruses.  Our masks not just offer protection to the wearer but also the people around as well. 

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Respiratory Safety With 3M Face Masks

A safety mask is sufficient to stave off the risk of many airborne illnesses and  a 3m face mask has the capacity to filter about  90% of 0.3-micron particulate dust particles. 


A typical 3M face protection mask leverages the power of  electrostatic technology that improves the tendency to trap the finest particles while allowing you to breathe smoothly. However, 3m masks are meant to be worn in industrial working settings and are not the best option to prevent viruses and bacteria, given that they have a valve and are not comfortable to wear.

This protection mask can be used as an alternative to the standard N95 masks or the medical-grade masks used in hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions.

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